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Windows based Git Client

Posted by ipwright83 on March 14, 2013

I find myself increasingly having to grab code from Github or similar sources with the project I’m working on. It’s relatively straight forward to hit the ‘ZIP’ button in GitHub:



The problem is it’s awkward and clunky to keep on doing this to get changes, extracting over old locations. Also, what if you want to contribute to a project? I’ve tried setting up Git on a windows machine, creating all the various SSH keys and found it hard work… I want my source control to be simple.

GitHub have released a new windows client which I’ve actually not yet tried, the reason being I believe you can only set it up to point to one location (e.g. GitHub) and then choose repositories to fork. As an alternative Atlassian have started a beta programme for their conversion of SourceTree, there popular MAC source control software. You can sign up to the private beta here which currently allows connecting to GitHub, BitBucket and Stash.

I’ve already received one update to the software and they’re receptive to bugs and feature requests. Best of all it’s free (and I believe will be remaining free just like the MAC version). It’s currently a little sluggish I find due to the live ‘Diff’ pane that works for each file you’ve got selected, but it’s generally a nice clear system to use. They’ve gone for a simple clean UI at the moment which is a great improvement over trying to use something like TortoiseGit and find the right options in the right menus:



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