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Reflector context menu in Windows Explorer

Posted by ipwright83 on May 1, 2012

I often find myself using Reflector to open up DLL’s, sometimes to double check they contain the code I think they do (match the expected build version) or othertimes just to browse other assemblies. However I always find myself jumping to my desktop to find the shortcut and dragging my DLL on. I wondered to myself why I was doing this today when I can easily just extended the Explorer shell.


Unfortunately in their bid to make Windows easier to use for the majority, they make it more difficult for the power users. The ‘File Types’ section that used to be avalaiable via the Tools menu in Windows Explorer has gone. This was actually just a handy way of modifying the registry. A quick bit of googling led me to the correct set of keys to add a custom context menu.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=”Reflector.exe %1″


Placing the above in a .reg file and running it, or adding the keys manually and setting the default value will add a ‘Reflect’ option to your .dll context menu and make things that little bit easier. Happy reflecting.


[Reflect] can be modified to change the title of the context menu item.
[Reflector.exe] needs to be modified to point to the actual location of Reflector.


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